Van Shelving

Shelving Designed For Your Needs

Designed to organize and store, Ranger Design van shelving systems are contoured to maximize the floor space and storage capabilities of your vehicle. Dividers can be repositioned to best accommodate your payload.

Shelving and storage bins are available in hundreds of different configurations of height, length and shelf depth. Use the application guide to find the perfect application for your next work vehicle.

  1. Strong: Ranger Design’s exclusive shelf construction of extrusions and laminate willingly carries the load time after time.
  2. Lightweight: Extra durability doesn’t necessarily mean extra weight. Ranger Design’s popular #4448 shelf weighs a mere 56 lbs.
  3. Versatile: Ranger Design shelves are easily adjustable in order to accommodate any kind of cargo .
  4. Quiet: Shelf dividers drop into specially engineered slots that eliminate all rattles.