Truck Caps & Storage

Pickup Truck Storage

SpaceKap manufactures an innovative fiberglass cap for pickup trucks that can be transferred to three to four pickup trucks when your vehicles needs replacing. This makes for substantial cost savings and reduced environmental impact for your business, especially if you’re a fleet manager.

5 Advantages of a SpaceKap:

  1. Increased storage space: Your storage system space can be increased up to 50% using Ranger Design shelving systems.
  2. Maximized accessibility: Side access doors are standard on some units, giving you 320° accessibility for greater efficiency while working.
  3. Built tough: High quality manufacturing. so these units wll last you through 3-4+ truck changes.
  4. Built to last: Special UV resistant SK gelcoat surface.
  5. Fast Delivery: Your cap can be delivered within 5 business days.