When Safety Counts

You spend a lot of time in your vehicle driving from job to job, in all kinds of traffic and conditions. We know that safety is important and that’s why at Ranger Design we’ve engineered van partitions (or bulkhead partitions) to provide a solid, secure barrier between the occupants in the cab and the cargo area.

Top Reasons to Install a Contoured Van Partition

  1. Driver Safety. The van partition will act as a divider between the driver and occupants. If you carry any heavy items, such as tools or equipment, it will protect the front occupants in sudden stops or accidents. Ranger Design partitions far exceed safety standards to keep everyone safe.
  2. Reduced Noise. The van bulkhead will isolate the driver from the cargo area and reduce any noise coming from the back area of the van.
  3. Driver Comfort. By reducing the amount of space that needs to be cooled or heated, the occupants are given a much better level of temperature control to make for a comfortable ride.
  4. Efficient Use Of Space. Additional van accessories can be purchased to attach to the bulkhead partition to increase the amount of storage space available in the cargo area.
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