Max Rack

The Revolutionary Max Rack

Today’s high roof cargo vans are proving to be very popular among tradesmen. With increased headroom and more cargo space, they’re often the smart choice for many businesses.

However, it can be a real challenge to load a ladder onto a standard roof rack safely – without doing damage to the ladder, the vehicle or getting injured in the process. With this in mind, we used what we heard from tradesmen who owned high roof cargo vans, to design this innovative ladder rack system.

4 Best Reasons to Use a Max Rack Drop Down Ladder Rack

  1. Avoids Potential Injury: The risk of back, neck or shoulder injury is greatly reduced because the worker is out of harm’s way when the ladder is loaded or unloaded; making the drop down operation much safer.
  2. Protects Your Investment: The Max Rack ensures that your expensive ladder it can be properly loaded and well secured. This protects both the ladder and the van from damage.
  3. Work Faster: By not having to struggle loading and unloading a ladder numerous times a day, time is saved. This allows more time to be spent on the job and can increase billing.
  4. More Cargo Capacity: Valuable interior space is gained when the ladder is stored on top of the van. This leaves more room for cargo and equipment.