Floor Liners

Composite Van Floors

Ranger Design has a cargo van floor liner that’s a custom fit for your service van. These impact and puncture resistant floors do more than just preserve your cargo van’s interior.

These cargo van liner kits are designed to provide added safety and a quieter ride. Made from rigid 1/2″ thick 100% rubber coated composite plastic, the non-porous surface is liquid resistant to eliminate bacteria and mold formation.

Top Benefits of a Cargo Van Floor Liner

  1. Proven safety and effectiveness – Specialty cargo van flooring reduces potential injuries, and therefore liabilities with your fleet teams. This will protect your investment in your fleet vehicles as well as protecting the cargo your vehicles carry. It can effectively pay for itself in terms of reduced risk.
  2. Additional protection – The rubberized surface of the cargo van floor liner will protect your tools and equipment should anything fall onto the floor area.
  3. Custom fit – Our cargo van liner kits are made to fit your needs precisely. We guarantee a quick, easy and accurate installation and rapid response.
  4. Quieter ride – By providing a level of insulation on the flooring of your vehicle, it will reduce noises from the cargo area.
  5. Professional details – This cargo van flooring will give your work vehicle a clean, professional look that is easy to maintain.
  6. Environmentally Friendly – Recycled rubber and other sustainable renewable resources are used in these products .

Rigid cargo van flooring provides protection for the van floor from impact damage and scratches.

A Ranger Design van liner also minimizes the chances of slipping and reduces shifting of cargo.