Cube Vans

Cube Van / Box Truck Shelving and Storage

The perfect fit for your toughest jobs, Ranger Design products are always up to the task. Regardless of trade, field of work, or vehicle you drive, Ranger has high quality and innovative box truck shelving systems to upfit your cube van / box truck for maximum storage and organization. Upfitting with Ranger Design box truck storage systems will help you work more effectively and safely.

Cube Van Accessories

Many tradesmen and mobile professionals need to take their workshop on the road with them. Ranger Design has the cube van accessories that can help you create the innovative solutions you need for the work you do. From the full range of options available, you can select the products that help you customize your vehicle so that you can find everything you need quickly and easily.

Use your imagination to create a unique upfit that lets you maximize your cargo space and increase your productivity. Need some help?