Convenience and Efficiency

Van accessories have always provided the finishing touch that makes the difference between a regular upfit and the type of upfit that gives you what you need to perform at your peak efficiency. Customize your vehicle with our wide range of options and prove the benefit of having everything where you need, when you need it!

Van accessories complete your upfitting, making it safe and efficient. A full range of products will help to minimize clutter, better place the most useful items, and provide the required safety equipment.

Road Safety Van & Work Truck Accessories

Bring your fleet up to current safety standards.

Have your vehicle well-equipped to protect both the driver and others on the road, with items required by law in many states and provinces.

This large cab box has a locking latch, pencil holder, space for hanging files and a painted cover. Ideal for all full size vans and mini vans.
Size 18″d x 12″w x 16″h.

This smaller cab box with a locking lid has space for letter size hanging files and a paper clip on the lid. Ideal for mini-vans.
Size 18″d x 8″w x 14″h.